Flor is one of wine’s great mysteries. It’s a layer of yeast that miraculously forms in certain barrels. It both protects the wine from oxidation (enabling extended ‘biological’ aging), and imparts a subtle saline dimension. No one knows exactly how it happens! It is most common in the south of Spain, notably in Jerez and Andalusia, but it can occur anywhere. Here are six examples of flor aged wines, two 'sous voile' Juras, three Andalusian gems, and a happy Italian accident. 

Cota 45, UBE Miraflores, Sanlucar de Barrameda, Spain, 2022
100% Palomino (various old clones)

A still white with flor influence which recalls the Manzanillas of the 18th century. The product of 5 different 'pagos' or plots, on three unique albariza terroirs. A village wine of Sanlucar, if you will! Fresh saline and vibrant. 

Alvear Tres Miradas, Paraje de Riofrio, Montilla- Morriles, Spain, 2019
100% Pedro Ximenez

Lemon yellow with golden reflection in appearance. Intense and complex, with varietal aromas of baked apple, fennel, and dried camomile. Full-bodied and silky with well-integrated acidity in the palate

Bodegas Barrero, Manzanilla 'Gabriela', Sanlucar de Barrameda, Spain, NV
100% Palomino Fino

The family own 120 hectares of vineyards. The Las Cañas vineyard is 50 hectares located in the Bilbaina district, one of the best vineyard areas in all of Jerez. This is a benchmark dry sherry, a favourite of many a LCDP staffer and arguably one of the best food wines money can buy! 

Bera, Bianchduset, Asti, Piedmont, Italy, 2007
100% Moscato Bianco

The first vintage of this wine arrived by accident after a 'forgotten' barrel (intended for spakling Moscato d'Asti) developed a layer of flor in the barrel. This, its second iteration, was always intended to age sous voile, and it spent 12 years developing under flor in cement barrels. It's a wonderful wine that displays a deep minerality allied with a persistent flor character and nutty oxidative notes. 

Domaine Daniel Dugois, Arbois Savagnin Sous Voile, Jura, 2019
100% Savagnin

Tastes of bruised apples, fresh walnut, vanilla and caramel. Watch out also for amazing aromas of fresh curry powder with fenugreek to the fore. It is a baby vin jaune with a highly developed style

Chevassu, Savagnin 'Type', Chateau Chalon, Jura, 2018
100% Savagnin

Deliciously nutty traditional style sous voile Jura. Fruity, yet deeply savoury and saline; truly autumnal in character. 

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